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Welcome to Hansberger Refrigeration & Electric! Serving Yuma, Arizona since 1952, we offer top-quality HVAC and electrical services, including Cooling, Heating, Air Comfort, Air Filtration, Air Quality, IAQ and more. Our family-owned business is dedicated to energy-efficient solutions, from smart thermostats to advanced air purification.

Our tagline, 'Count on Us,' is more than a tagline and more than a motto. It is our promise to be sensitive to customer needs, accountable, respectful, responsible, highly skilled, well-informed, fair, forward-thinking and reliable. If you need help with your AC, you can Count On Us and call today: (928) 783-3331

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Only Lennox Premier Dealer in Yuma Arizona

Hansberger Refrigeration is proud to be Arizona’s exclusive Premier Dealer for residential and Alliance Dealer for commercial Lennox HVAC systems. Whether you need immediate repairs or want to avoid costly problems down the road, Hansberger Refrig & Elec Co is ready to take care of your needs.

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Serving Yuma with honesty, integrity, and trust since 1952

A tradition of superior customer service and extraordinary values are the heart of Hansberger Refrigeration's long history. We honor our founder's legacy by staying true to their original vision and delivering exceptional service to every customer, every day.